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Keyword Project Manager
Keyword Project Manager Process

Add Keywords

Create a keyword pool and add an unlimited number of keywords.

Import keywords from the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Use the keyword research tools to find long tail keywords that other tools won't show you.

Analyze Keywords

Analyze keyword competition to identify keywords that are easier to rank for.

Analyze keyword competition.

  • Page Rank (PR)
  • Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)
  • Search Engine Competition (SEOC)

Target Keywords

Filter keywords by search market, competition, and keyword phrase with 12 different criteria to find the perfect keywords to target on your website.

Organize keywords using groups to effectively target not one, but dozens of related keyword phrases.

AdWords Keyword Planner is now Officially Supported!

Keyword Planner

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is being retired.

As many of you may already know, Google has decided to retire the AdWords Keyword Tool and replace it with the new Keyword Planner.   According to Google, the Keyword Planner should help streamline the process of building Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns by combining the existing Keyword Tool and the Traffic Estimator.   This should be great news for those playing the PPC game, but what about SEO?

Can I still Get Keyword Ideas using Keyword Planner for SEO? 

Yes, you can use the new Keyword Planner to find keyword ideas for your SEO campaigns in pretty much the same way you would use the current Keyword Tool, although the user interface has changed a little bit.  One nice addition to the Keyword Planner is the ability allow you to ‘multiply’ keywords, or combine two or more keyword lists to generate new keywords.  This can come in very handy when trying to expose or uncover new keyword variations.

Keyword Project Manager now supports Keyword Planner Keyword Data.

Keyword Project Manager has been updated to support the new keyword data CSV file format available for download in the Keyword Planner.  However, the amount of data available for download has been limited or should I say “condensed” in the Keyword Planner.  With the latest version you still get the keyword, average cost per click (CPC), advertising competition, and the monthly search volume, but there is no longer a distinction between Global, Local, or Google monthly search volume.  All three of these values have been combined into one search volume, which is based on the “Targeting” filters you set in Keyword Planner, which by default is Global or “All locations”.  That being the case, the search volume value in the CSV will be set to the Global Search volume since there is no indicator that specifies the target market, which could be a city, a region, state, or even the entire globe.

All that said, and most importantly, the process of importing keyword data into Keyword Project Manager will be exactly the same, whether you are importing data from the Keyword Tool or Keyword Planner.

A new “How To Guide” has been added to the Training Center to help assist you with the process of finding keyword ideas and downloading keyword data from the Keyword Planner.  This user guide is not meant to be a comprehensive guide on how to use the Keyword Planner, but merely a guide to quickly get you started with the process of downloading keyword data from the Keyword Planner.

How to Download Keyword Data from the Google AdWords Keyword Planner

RESOLVED – New Google Search Results Causing the Keyword Analysis Page Rank Data to Show Question Marks (????)

New Google Search Results

I received several support requests over the last 24 hours reporting issues with the Keyword Analysis process showing question marks (????) for the PR data values and 0 for the Page Rank Difficulty.

Page Rank Data Showing ????

At first I thought this was just a temporary block that Google was placing for each of the incidents reported, especially since the keyword analysis process was working fine for me all day yesterday from my development machine and from the server.  However, overnight I received several more support requests and I started getting the same results – all question marks (????).  Now I knew something was wrong, oops.

After a few minutes investigating the issue, I found that Google updated the way the search results were being displayed and this was causing the issue with the Keyword Analysis process.   Simply put, the Keyword Analysis didn’t know how to read the new format to get the URLs for the first 4 search results.

Since the keyword analysis process did not have a list of URLs to check and there was nothing to get the PR data for, the end result was a question mark for each page rank value and 0 for the page rank difficulty

After some more digging around, I found that Google started rolling out the new search results display yesterday, but not to all the data centers at once, which is why is was working for me and not for others.  Google is continuing to roll out these updates to all the data centers over the next 48 hours.

Keyword Analysis Process Updated Today @ 11:00 AM PST

All that said, once I was able to replicate the problem it did not take very long to identify the issue and provide an update to the keyword analysis process.  That said, I released an update this morning at 11:00 AM PST that resolves this issue.

However, since Google is still rolling out the update across its numerous data centers, please be aware is may take another 24- 48 hours before the keyword analysis process is working for everyone.

If you are still receiving questions marks (????), just give a little time.

Google Updated the Search Results Yesterday (Wednesday 4/24/2013)

In this new search results update, Google has added a new drop down menu (the little green arrow)  next the URL with three options:  Cached, Similar, and Share.  It also seems that Google has removed the instant preview.  In addition to these change, Google has added some information about how many Google +1s a search result has received. This new addition may be a little hard to spot at first, but the Keyword Analysis process sure noticed.

- Kyle

What is Keyword Project Manager?

Keyword Project Manager is a keyword management tool, a keyword research tool, and a keyword analysis tool - designed to greatly reduce the time, effort, and money finding which keywords to target.

Keyword Project Manager Features

  • Analyze Keyword Competition

    Analyze Page Rank, KEI, and Search Engine Competition.

  • Keyword Research Tools

    Using the keyword research tools, you can find long tail keywords used on Google and Amazon that other tools won't show you.

  • Keyword Management

    Easliy manage thousands of keywords using keyword pools.

  • 12 Keyword Filters

    Filter keywords by search market, competition, and keywords to find long tail keywords or low competition keywords.

  • Group keywords for easy keyword management

    Assign one or more groups to keywords to effectively target not one, but dozens of related keyword phrases.

  • Import keywords from the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

    Quicly import multiple csv files at the same time using the import keywords feature.

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